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Pampering your body from head to toe is a great way to give yourself the ultimate relaxation treatment while beautifying your hands, feet, and beyond. Our beauty and nail salon offers a variety of premium treatments so that you can get your gorgeous on while indulging in relaxing services.

Good and clean nail design is an essential part of keeping your nails strong and healthy. A professional manicurist will help to shape your cuticles and nails so that they are even, smooth and ready for the perfect application of color. After a gentle exfoliation and moisturizing treatment, we will prepare your nails with a natural vitamin solution to strengthen the nail bed and prepare it for the outstanding color of your choice. One thing is for sure; a manicure from C & L Nail & Spa will leave your hands soft, beautiful, and decorated like a diva.

Don’t forget about a pedicure! Just like your hands, it is important to have clean and gorgeous feet. However, unlike your hands, your heels and the balls of your feet are in constant use and therefore tend to develop thick and unsightly callouses. Let C & L Nail & Spa gentlly remove calluses and apply our proprietary lotions and oils to keep your feet clean and fresh. After shaping your cuticles and trimming your nails we will apply the nail polish of your choice and can even provide airbrushed nails and other fun designs and polish styles to give you a signature and unique look.

For those who are looking for lasting and dramatic nails, our SNS dipping powder is a wonderful option that is both quick and durable so you won’t have to worry about premature chipping or spending hours in a salon chair. Available for both your manicure and pedicure, we recommend dipped nails to anyone who is looking for a beautiful design in half the time.

Our exceptional services don't end with nail care! In addition to our nail salon services, C & L Nail & Spa offers lash extensions as well as a waxing salon so that you can feel beautiful from head to toe.

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